We deliver a comprehensive range of specialist design and management services.

Naval Architecture
Leading exponents of high end yacht naval architecture and optimization for racing and performance cruising yachts.

Aerodynamic and hydrodynamics
Continually redefining the design boundaries through our advanced on-going R&D program.

Tank and wind tunnel testing
Experience in tank testing and wind tunnel are utilised for visualization and validation of our computer predictions.

Velocity prediction and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Our state-of-the-art software is continually tuned using theoretical and on board data to minimise differences between design and real performance predictions.

Exterior and Interior Design styling
The seamless blend of style design and performance is intrinsic to our design process.

Production design and engineering
We deliver comprehensive plans and details to suit the production demands

Yard details assistance
We supply yard details to match the project demands.

Advanced 3D modelling and rendering
Sophisticated 3d modelling software and customised design techniques ensure efficient and accurate design.

Structural Engineering and FEA/finite element analysis
We develop integrated and innovative structural solutions to match each project.

Systems engineering
Planning is key and helps us optimize the aero and hydro aspects. We can provide design and consulting from basic layouts to advanced systems design.

Classification support and processing to meet the owners or builder requirements

Project Management
Our projects have a unique management profile to meet the specific demands and requirements.