Shaun Carkeek
Shaun has been involved in racing and performance cruising yachts for over 17 years. He graduated in Naval Architecture from Southampton and between 1994 and 2010 at Botin Carkeek developed successful racing and cruising yachts across a variety of rule platforms. IMS, TP 52, Volvo, GP and Grand prix IRC and ORC rules.

In 2010 Shaun decided to expand his design portfolio to the superyacht arena and founded Carkeek Design Partners, a firm dedicated to race and performance cruise yacht design.The team offers a comprehensive range of specialist design and engineering services. The company has enjoyed considerable success launching the worlds first HPR designs and winning major HPR and IRC events amongst those Key West, Miami, Block Island and Newport Bermuda.

Shaun is the lead designer, responsible for overseeing all areas of the design process. He specialises in naval architecture, hull design, aero/hydro rating optimization and develops the exterior/interior design and styling concepts.

He graduated with a BSc in Naval Architecture from Southampton University in 1993.

Sarah Spickernell
Sarah has a degree on marketing and design and is head of operations and business development.

Gijs Gunneman
After Highschool a journey to Australia sounded the beginning of international sailing for Gijs Gunneman, better known as Guinness. From the Northern Territory sailing throughout Asia he was introduced to sailors in the grand prix circuit who coached him and who suggested to expand his horizon towards USA. The way to accomplish this was to enroll as a student Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. From there on he continued on sailing as well as attending university working on his degree. While running several successful campaigns in South-East Asia, the Mediterranean and the US he graduated in 2009 as Naval Architect Marine Engineer. Continuing with professional sailing and working as a freelance designer allowed him to develop the knowledge and experience required to create solutions that are not overly complicated to build, lightweight, innovative and excel at their intended function. This led to the first collaboration with Carkeek Design Partners during the second half of 2011, the rest as they say is history.

Guinness is a senior designer and engineer.

Chris Peart
Chris joined CDP in 2011 and currently heads the design/production department. His design responsibilities cover: concept development and exterior design/styling; deck design/layouts; rig/interior layouts; state-of-the-art systems; bespoke design solutions and custom details for production. Chris is also responsible for renders, graphic presentations and illustrations.

He works closely with clients/sailing teams, project managers, builders and suppliers to ensure an optimized design and smooth design process.

He graduated with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield University and went on to get a second masters degree in Naval Architecture from Southampton University.

Matthew Carkeek
Matthew is in charge of digital marketing, print media and public relations and is responsible for developing all photo and video web content and product launches .

Adrian Prada
Adrian has a masters in engineering and naval architecture. His extensive experience in the superyacht industry is invaluable and he’s designed and managed some of the worlds finest superyachts.

Tom de Jonghe
Tom is responsible for 3d interior and exterior rendering d animations using state-of the-art software.

Marko Murtic
Marko develops high end interior solutions for the cruising and superyachts.

Anton Du Toit
Structural engineer and production designer. Anton has a range of responsibilities from systems, production design solutions, 3d and engineering