C72 RC

The C72 RC is crafted for owners seeking the ultimate combination of performance and design styling. These exciting new yachts are offered with options customised to each clients needs.

It’s tailored to suit both the comfort required for weekend cruising and the speed needed for a fast day’s racing with minimum crew required.

One of the primary goals was to create a unique blend of style and comfort in both the interior and exterior by utilizing the inherent racing layouts, systems and features to inspire beautiful and innovative design solutions. The two areas are designed to enhance each other in terms of form, detail, layout and styling finishes.

The hydro and aerodynamic aspects are heavily influenced by our race boat research and benefit fron the latest advances in these areas. The hull appendage sand sail plans have been optimized using the state-of the-art cfd, vpp software to ensure the highest performance in all modes.

The hull shapes are powerful yet ultra efficient in terms of the low drag solutions. The high stability hull concept supports large sail plans in breezier conditions and the increased area ensures optimum power in light air.
The section shapes promote surfing and planning at relatively low wind speeds and small swell conditions resulting in high average speeds. The stable sections also increase helm control and safety.

To facilitate operational efficiency, push button hydraulic sail handling systems were implemeted, complimenting a neat system below deck to store the top down furling spinnakers. Usually a feature found on superyachts, this enables the owner to experience real high performance downwind whilst cruising, without worrying about extra hands on deck for manoeuvres and spinnaker drops. A custom design boom helps reefing, thus making handling the mainsail easy with the reduced crew.

Although displacement has slightly increased due to a high spec rig, deck arrangement and interior layout, overall weight and VCG is kept low, enabling a high righting moment upwind and earlier planing than other comparable cruiser racers.

Below deck, a sense of comfort, space and light has been achieved through an open layout, the addition of windows in the topsides as well as large glass detailing on deck and the hydraulic systems sail systems foredeck. The design is kept minimal to maximise functionality and sail handling when racing. White simple high spec painted finishes through most of the boat to help maximise the distribution of natural light. This in addition to accentuated clear coat carbon detailing and subtle use of brushed steel, create a very clean, comfortable, airy space, whilst still emphasising the high performance characteristics of the yacht. The owner has a king size pipe-cot below the huge skylight forehatch, which can be cleverly folded away during racing to clear the area for sail storage and sail changes. Aft of the generously fitted out galley, the saloon can be converted to a set of four pipe-cots, and aft of this is a cabin on port and starboard, which together accommodate another four pipe-cots for offshore racing fully crewed.

A trademark feature of our cruiser racer design philosophy is to combine elements of style within a high speed package. On deck we have included a number of features directly inspired from our latest TP52 and HP-IRC trends in deck design, whilst not compromising on interior volume. The cockpit is designed to provide control to a small number of crew during cruising, whilst ensuring adequate space for individual crew roles during racing. Teak detailing and the use of glass in certain areas of the deck contrast the lightweight spray finish. As per all of our designs, we looked to minimise windage and there are a number of details we have brought in from our HP-IRC designs.

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The C72 RC is crafted for owners seeking the ultimate combination of performance and design styling. These exciting new yachts are offered with

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