All new C40 MKii launches in Japan

The first of the all new production series C40 MKii has launched in Japan. Built by Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai, the MKii is a development of the successful HPR/IRC optimised C40 MKi, launched two years ago.

The C40 MKi was a bold step for a 40 footer into the ultra-lightweight grand prix inspired design space in the IRC rule. Since their launch the first three C40 MKi’s have been very successful, proving that this fast, fun and ultra light concept can consistently win under both IRC and HPR. By working with the race crews Carkeek Design Partners gained a huge amount of on-board data and insight into their performance. This wealth of data and feedback, as well as similar data from the C47’s and C60 and TP52 development work has allowed us to further refine and develop our in-house software and VPP technologies.

With the C40 MKii, CDP was given the opportunity to utilise this knowledge and build on these developments to create a brand new ‘second generation’ HP-IRC optimised design. Like her predecessor, the MKii is a well-priced design, easy to transport, setup, tune, sail, and maintain, and delivers the ultimate sailing experience in a fast, reliable package. To read more about her design and on the upgrades we have made over the MKi click here.

We look forward to seeing this first boat (named ‘Esprit’) compete on the water. We will also bring you more photos from the Esprit crew as she starts sea trials.
Boat 2 is now well underway in Dubai, headed for the UK where she will compete in the new FAST 40 circuit.

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